Why do we need Brake Pad Wear Sensor?

1. Improved safety: By monitoring the wear degree of the brake pad in real time, the Brake Pad Wear Sensor can ensure that enough braking force is provided at critical moments, thus improving the safety of driving.
2. Prevent accidents: If the driver fails to detect the condition of the brake pad is too thin in time, it may lead to the loss of control of the vehicle or the increase of braking distance, and then cause traffic accidents. With the warning function of the Brake Pad Wear Sensor, this kind of risk can be greatly reduced.
3. Extended service life of the brake system: timely replacement of the brake pad not only ensures the safety of driving, but also helps to extend the overall service life of the brake system and save maintenance costs.

What is the Brake Pad Wear Sensor?

The Pad Wear Sensor is a device used to monitor the wear degree of brake pads. When the thickness of the brake pad is lower than a preset value, the sensor will send a signal to the vehicle’s electronic control system to remind the driver to replace the brake pad in time, so as to avoid the safety hazards caused.